a music band project, based in London, England, founded in times of Covid 19


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Sometimes it’s all too much

A little teaser from our upcoming video – unfortunately we have to edit crosswise our material. Sometimes we could do something – sometimes not. Now the whole pile of hard drives is lying here and we have to sort – f…..- no matter, everything will be fine. (Be cool Asia, please don’t lose your nerves).. Stay clean;)

thisorthatmachine in the recording studio

Super unknown…but having fun;)

We’ve been rehearsing a bit with our backing singers. Mrs. Serena W. and Mrs. Precious G. from L.A. Thank you very much for your great support in these crazy times. Even though we are still totally unknown – it doesn’t matter – we have a lot of fun and more. Stay healthy.

She is so mmmmmm…..

Hello, I did not want to withhold this beautiful picture from you. DOT B. @work. She makes our world so much richer through her playing. She recently bought a second Bass Amp. Power x 2!!! Can you imagine how it tickles in your stomach when you stand right in front of it? Hold on and take care;)


Hello world!

Hello and thank you for visiting THISORTHATMACHINE. Blogging wasn’t mine, but now i will start. Currently we have a new band member. Crazy times – with lot’s of fun….. Many thanks. See you!

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